Institutions are a vital part of our society, helping the young generation realize their dreams, and making them a contributing part of our society. A school is also responsible for a student’s growth as helps them in developing various skills while imparting knowledge and nurturing self-confidence. Which makes it essential to have the best managing tools as part of the institution.

Managing routine working-on manually has always been a daunting task for the management team. Due to an apparent lack of technology, administrators and other stakeholders have a difficult time achieving their designated goals in allotted time. As a result, the institute begins to lag behind other institutes, causing them to lose the desired candidate’s attention. Success in everyday tasks is what’s in demand of the emerging education system, and to achieve that you need a robust and comprehensive school management software which will automate your institution’s operations. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of daily institutional operations. 

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SMS and Real-time app notifications

The communication between teachers and parents is an essential factor in a student's academic success. Introduction of school management systems ensured the real-time interaction between teachers and students through SMS messages and live chats. Every school management system has a dedicated parents portal. Parents can use the portal to communicate with teachers and school authorities through text messaging, voice chats or emails.  Notification regarding important school announcements like teacher's day, annual day, the cultural day also can be notified to everyone using bulk SMS/chats. This will save the time of school administrators for making individual calls to every parent.

Attendance Management

Attendance management system is an essential feature of school ERP software. The attendance management system offered in school ERP systems replaces the old and time-consuming paper-based attendance systems. By using RFID school management systems, taking attendance became faster and more comfortable. Such attendance management systems ensure foolproof attendance records and eliminate the possibility of proxy attendance.

Report Cards

Report cards represent the hard work of a student. The paper-based report cards may take hours to prepare for each student. A school management system help streamline the process of generation of reports cards with an interactive GUI. With the already available information on students performance and grade in the database, the report card may take only a few seconds to generate. Teachers can review and edit the information at any time if needed before printing the report cards.

Library Management

Books are important factors to determining a childs success in academic and hence most schools stock books suitable for a childs grade. In most cases, books stocked in library can be overwhelming when you want to retrieve or have a book paid for; for a childs personal use. The stress of manually locating a specified book is killing and hence not considered advisable. Secondly parents are now finding it hard to go over to their children school to make payments for their books when considering that its something that can easily do from their place of comfort

Fee Management and Online payment

Collecting the fee from students is always a hectic process. School management systems make it possible for parents to pay their child's school fee online using their debit/credit cards. The software can generate receipts for all the incoming payments within no time. This makes the entire school fee payment method so convenient and easy.

Many school management systems also offer more features like library management system, examination management system, admission management, etc. Automation of these process makes the school administration effortless thereby ensuring smooth functioning of the school.

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