I once heard a little girl say that they don't give them report cards in their school. The question to ask is this; if they don't give the students report cards in their school, what strategy do they plan of using in other to guage the performance of each student? How do the parents know if the mindset of their kids is improving or decreasing? How can the children know how well their mental, educational and psychological performance is after each term? 

 It is funny how most schools are being run in Nigeria.

And also funny how most parents leave the future of their kids at the mercy of incompetent schools. It is funny how the educational authority in Nigeria is linient to the general development of the students in school. By this time, there should be an advance technology designed and distributed to all schools in Nigeria that is aimed at helping them groom better kids, who are well balanced mentally, emotionally and psychological because children are the leaders of tomorrow. 

What do you think we should do to Nigerian education? Kindly comment below