Skoolified is automated and high performance school management application hosted on a cloud server to help school administrators manage their school operations effectively

  • What is Skoolified?

  • Benefits of Skoolified

  • What is Skoolified meant for?

  • How does it work?

  • What is the cost of using Skoolified?

Skoolified is a smart, easy to use and efficient school management web application / site that helps school owners effectively manage their schools. The purpose of Skoolified is to bring technology closer to millions of student while enabling school owners to do less work, manage their school, save and make money at the same time


Benefits of Skoolified

This web application helps school owners to effectively manager their daily school operations without stress even in their absence as the application is a web application hosted on a cloud server. The benefits of using Skoolified includes but not limited to the following

  1. Free functional website and marketing for the schools
  2. Instant SMS delivery
  3. Online Homework with automated marketing scheme
  4. Online examination and Test
  5. E-Library
  6. Accounting, e-Invoice and Smart e-wallet crediting
  7. Behavioral analysis and report including e-attendance
  8. Result compilation and much more


Who is Skoolified meant for?

Skoolified is meant to be used by public and private schools especially for primary and secondary education. This web application can be simplified to make public and private schools recognizable on the web, making it visible to the public. This means that any schools creating account on our platform will instantly have a free website of various types using a subdomain

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How does it work?

Skoolified works in a very simple and structured manner making it the perfect educational application on the web today with lots of promises to help better kids through computer programming

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How much does it cost?

Skoolified is FREE when you just need a website for your school but in the case when you need a complete school portal for more than 5 students; you have to pay N200 for Nigeria and other countries $1


Do we have a partnership program?

YES! We offer our partners 28% of all profits made by our platform when they refer a school to start using and paying for our system. The 28% profit is for a life time long as the school keeps using our platform

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