Skoolified is a smart, easy to use and efficient school management web application / site that helps school owners effectively manage their schools. The purpose of Skoolified is to bring technology closer to millions of student while enabling school owners to do less work, manage their school, save and make money at the same time

How will Skoolified benefit my school?

Apart from the context of saving and making money; your school benefits from the following:

  1. A fully featured automated school management system such as user, library, payment, examination, homework, invoice, classroom, subject, e.t.c management in addition to  result processing, easy and automated broadsheet processing and more
  2. Online presence; as your school will have its own website for FREE
  3. FREE online marketing
  4. Student become smarter by being exposed to technology and the internet
  5. Assignment and Examination will now be done online with automatic and easy marking scheme
  6. Online payment as option for School fee, PTA, Book purchase and any other kind of payment
  7. Automatic, easy and simple broadsheet processing
  8. Parent and teacher collaboration, i.e., parent will know about their Childs Assignment, behavioral report / analysis and much more
  9. Student, parent and teacher can now directly interact with the school management in the case of complain, behavioral report and much more
  10. No more NSMS, it’s now N2.0 - N3.0 per SMS with all contacts at your finger tips

Are we done? NO, we are just starting…

Features of Skoolified

  1. Admission registration and processing
  2. Teacher, Parent, Student , Non-Academia and Management registration
  3. Library management and book purchase
  4. Cheap, Easy, Simple and Flexible SMS messaging
  5. Broadsheet processing and Result compilation
  6. Online homework and Examination
  7. Behavior / Complain analysis, report and processing
  8. Class, Subject, Section management / Processing
  9. Invoice creation and online payment
  10. Schedule, Attendance and School bus processing / management and much more

What’s our cost?

The sole aim of Skoolified is to impact as much school as possible to help better the educational system. Therefore, our costing is very flexible and extremely cheap

What’s our costing again? N200 per term. Check our pricing at