Our Pricing
We offer a very cheap price rate for the benefit of small and large schools

GOOD NEWS!!! We are giving out ₦1,500 to all new schools registering on our platform

The sole purpose of SKOOLIFIED is to make schools of all sizes better by using a technological tool that will enhance and easy the workload on education. This has made the team of SKOOLIFIED work out a flexible, easy to use management solution / system and a very affortable pricing to help back and fit the school growth


NGN300 / student

Billed Termly

NGN ₦10 / administrator

One time payment

NGN ₦5 / teacher

One time payment

NGN ₦1 / parent

One time payment


One recipient

NGN50 / Result Card Pin

One time payment

Flexible Payment

We know that our pricing sounds very interesting but let us make it sound better. Here is the truth. You don't need to pay N300 at a stretch for all the students in your school. You only pay when students has paid to use SKOOLIFIED

Have you use a "recharge card" before?

If your answer is "YES" then, thats how we operate. You fund your account to make use of SKOOLIFIED only when it's neccessary. This means you can fund your account with any amount you desire based on the operations to be carried on SKOOLIFIED. With this payment strategy, we are not tiring you down to a fixed payment but a payment system that suits your school growth

More information on SKOOLIFIED Payment

Our flexible and easy payment was made possible using a technology called "e-wallet". Every school will have a seperate and easy-to-use e-wallet account

What's an e-wallet?

An eletronic wallet (e-wallet) is just like a usual pocket wallet used to keep money or other valuable pocket items. In the case of our e-wallet, you can store money to be used later on our platform.

How our e-wallet works