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Become a Skoolified Partner

Skoolified Partnership Program is for accelerators who want to become part of something important by helping to digitalize educational systems. Our partners get 15% commission for a life-time as long as the digitalized school is functional.

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Become a Skoolified Partner

Skoolified is an educational platform where schools and student manage distributed data such as results, course materials and much more. Learn more...

As a Skoolified Partner, you stand a chance to connect to different schools, parents, teachers and children from all backgrounds. In addition, you get 15% profit of any money the school pays to fund their ewallet

This means, if you connect to 20 schools having a population of 200 students. In calculation, you have 20 x 200 = 2000 students in your control.

What's my life working with Skoolified

Skoolified aims at filling the gap in the educational system where data from student, parents, teachers and external source can help grow students education

We are committed to our users, merchant and partners all over Nigeria as our main focal-point. We make sure all our partners earn money for just going something once and earn continuously for a life-time

In addition, its also exciting to know we organize fun events for our partners and schools and our partners control the school they refer.