Features of our school management system
Extremely simple even when comprehensive

Skoolified for Administrator

Monitor all activities that occur in your institution. From student and staff management to inventory and financial transactions oversight. Instantly generate any report you need.

Student Management

Quick and easy access to student records, current and alumni, using our filter system. Get all grades, attendance, behavior and more...

Human Resource management

Employees are the key to a stable business. Using our easy to use resource manager, you can easily manage staff, payroll, duties and more...

Calendar & Event Scheduling

Break the complexity attached to Routine and Event Scheduling. Its easier when automated

Finance Management

No money, no business. Having challenges managing cash flow? This module will solve that problem as you keep track of every payment

Instant Chat, Email, & SMS

Spread the news and keep all your employees, students and parents engaged by bringing the latest happenings right to their dashboard.

Grading, Results, & Transcripts

Customized grading systems. Fully automated and error-free result compilation and report generation

Behavioural Analysis

Instantly know the behavioural characteristics of a child in the school. Knowing your student just got easier


Monitor all cashflow including expenses in and out your school. Easily scale your school for growth using our billing system in accounting

Classes and Sections

We are extremely flexible, allowing you to easily and efficiently configure your school flow

Academic Overview

Powerful result analysis. See overall performance at a glance. Subject strength analysis. Spot trends and problems.

Online Homework and Exam Monitoring

Know and examine student assignment and online examination.

Subject Management

Easily and efficiently manage subjects based on classes and rarely on section. Assign teachers to manage the subject workflow

Skoolified for Teachers

Eliminate stress from teaching with our comprehensive but simple modules. Easily manage everything from class schedule, students attendance, assessments, and grading. Teaching has never been this stress-free!

Records Management

Maintain records of past and current staff easily. Generate useful statistical reports for proper management

Role Assignment

Easily distribute roles like subject teachers, class teachers, Headmistress, Counsellors and Principal.

Timetable & Schedules

Subjects and class teacher allocation, period clash elimination and activities management

Result compilation

All results compilation fully automated. Get error-free reports in different formats for students, subjects, classes and levels.

Behavioural Assessment

Subject Teachers, House Masters, Guidance Counselors and Principals provide behaviour assessment to evaluate students’ overall learning progress

Curriculum & Lesson Plan

Access to curriculum and verification of lesson plans to raise standards

Skoolified for Parents

Get involved in your child's education, stay updated on their progress, and effortlessly pay their fees.

Activity Overview

Monitor and track your child’s progress as well as receive notifications from their teachers and the school.

Academic Progress

View your child’s academic activities and track performance across all subjects, class, level and school sections.

Finance & Fees Payment

Break the complexity attached to Routine and Event Scheduling. Its easier when automated

Behavioural Assessment

Comments, behavioural analysis, grading and remark, parents can easily know more about their child with better development strategy

SMS Updates

Receive personalized alerts on all aspects of your child’s education.

Results Tracking

Receive continuous updates on your child’s assessments right from their first day in school, all the way through their learning curve.

Skoolified for Students

Be easily informed of your academic progess and school activities, and print your results.

Academic Progress

Store all academic activities and track performance across all subjects, class, level and school sections

Attendace Management

Simplified attendance management with lateness incorporated. Generate various reports such as weekly, monthly and termly

Online Homework / Assignment

View and submit all homework online with our easily homework/assignment integration

Academic & Behavioural Progress

Easily monitor your progress in your classes, both academically and behaviourally.

Online Examination

Never say again that your students are not prepared for CBT. With our easy to use online examination, student can easily write and submit their exams

Personalised Alerts

Receive personalized alerts on all school or class events you're participating in. Public holidays too.